About the Head Chef

The Head Chef was born in London’s east end to a father who gave him the desire to travel, and a mother who made him curious about trying different foods.

He still lives and works in London as an art director for a FTSE 250 company. He is also occasionally a web developer, video editor, children’s book author and illustrator, he also likes to dabble in music and is an amateur music producer having been featured numerous times on the radio station XFM.

He has a long held passion for cooking and experimenting with food. His travels have taken him to diverse places such as Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, America, France and he has sampled a myriad of cuisines. He likes nothing better than recreating dishes at home so he can have his favourite foods whenever he wants.

He lives with his Italian wife who is his menu writer, chief taster, food critic and all-round guinea pig, you often hear ‘It needs more olive oil’ coming from the kitchen followed by ‘leave it, it’s not finished yet’. They currently reside in Wimbledon with their 2 gorgeous whippets who always keep the Head Chef company in the kitchen sniffing the stove and waiting for a tasty morsel to drop on the floor.

Live life and love food.

The head chef's whippets