The Wüsthof Chef´s Knife

This is my favourite chef’s knife. I think when someone get’s serious about cooking eventually they need to make the step to getting a serious knife and once they do they will never look back.

The Wüsthof Knife Sharpener

Of course once you get the knife you’ll need to keep it in tip top condition and I use this sharpener. I use it on all my kitchen knives as it also sharpens santoku & serrated. It has two sharpener options which you can see in the photo which are course and fine sharpener and both work very well.

The Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer

Without a shadow of doubt, after the cooker, this is the most important piece of equipment in my kitchen. It is the ultimate mixer. It has a 10 speed motor and you can add almost any additional item you can imagine. Ice cream maker, juicer, pasta maker, mincer, I even make fantastic homemade sausages with this machine. It’s solidly built and mine is 15 years old and still going strong with a lot of use behind it. You’ll see this mixer all the time on tv in the kitchen’s of celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay.

The Vitamix food blender

The Vitamix is a very simple but incredibly powerful blender / food processor. It is has very strong blades that can move slow enough to chop pretty much anything without making the food turn to liquid and fast enough to make a ready to eat hot soup. I have the large and small containers which I recommend as I swap between the two often.

The Bamix hand blender

I bought this way back when Gordon Ramsay was promoting it. It is a very versatile blender with multiple blades. But what I love the most is the mills. I use these all the time for making sauces and powders for marinades. There are all kinds of package options on the market for these blenders but mine came with a stand, blades, a pot and a mill which was perfect.

The Kitchen Aid classic blender

This is another great blender, unlike the Vitamix this has a glass container and the food is easier to remove. The blades are also strong enough to chop ice and slow enough to chop food. I do prefer the Vitamix for chopping food though, especially as you get good tampers with them but I consider this machine a must have item in my kitchen.